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Our Expert Web Design & Development Services Help Build Visually Stunning, User-Friendly Websites to Boost Traffic and Increase Conversions.

Web Design and Development

What are the important aspects of Web Design?

Web design is more than creating a visually appealing site; it’s about building an effective online experience that drives key outcomes for your business.

Our approach centres on User Experience (UX). We prioritise intuitive navigation and engaging layouts, ensuring every visitor enjoys a seamless journey through your site whether they’re on desktop or a mobile device.

Alongside, we focus on the visual aspect, using harmonious color schemes, typography, and imagery that reflect your brand’s identity.

Why Elliptycs?

At Elliptycs, we combine creativity, data, and technology to create websites that showcase your brand, engage your audience, and drive valuable conversions.

Understanding that each client has a distinct story, our approach to web design is bespoke. We tailor each project to reflect your unique brand personality and align seamlessly with your specific business objectives.

Our web design service is a key element of our holistic digital marketing approach, complementing our SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing services to create an integrated online presence that drives tangible results.

Dive into our comprehensive web design services below, incorporating both strategic planning and meticulous execution.

Web Design & Development Services

Discovery & Planning

  • Comprehensive Audit: Review site performance and user browsing behaviour using analytics & heatmap tracking.
  • Competitor Analysis: review established industry operators and emerging businesses.
  • Information Architecture Development: Create a comprehensive sitemap to establish the logical structure and organisation of the website, ensuring easy navigation and a clear hierarchy of content.
  • User Experience (UX) Focus: Wireframe basic layups, calls to action and user journeys for a seamless user experience. 

Web Design

  • High Fidelity Web Design: Creation of visually stunning and functional prototypes (mobile and desktop), using the latest design trends and best practice.
  • Brand Alignment: Ensuring your UI design aligns with your brand image for consistency across all touchpoints.
  • Interactive Elements: Adding engaging and interactive elements to encourage user interaction and conversion.
Web Design

Website Development & Build

  • Configure settings & customise / style relevant pages, coding the design into a fully functional and accessible website.
  • CMS Blocks: Implementing ‘blocks’ that allow for easy website edits, maintenance and can be repurposed for additional pages.
  • SEO-Friendly Build: Ensuring the website is developed with best SEO practices in mind.
  • Analytics Deployment: Ensuring robust tracking is integrated so all key events and outcomes can be effectively tracked and measured.

Our Web Design Process

Research and Audit

Initial Audit

We start by analysing your current website, identifying opportunities for improvement, and understanding your unique business goals and audience needs.

Planning & Research

High Fidelity Design

Next, we translate our research and your vision into a strategic design plan. We then create visually stunning and functional prototypes, refining them until they meet your satisfaction.

Web Build

This stage involves turning the approved designs into a fully functional, responsive, and SEO-friendly website. We ensure that every element on your website is optimised for maximum performance.

Hitting Target

QA & Launch

Finally, we conduct a thorough review of the site to verify that every feature functions seamlessly. Additionally, we implement new analytics tracking to ensure accurate data collection from day one.