Our company was created because we enjoy helping businesses succeed. As well as our own in-house experiences, we have the pleasure of supporting clients across a variety of industries, from Automotive to Startups, and aren't afraid to take on new challenges.

Why did we start a new digital marketing agency

Everyone likes a success story, and if you want to grow your business then we want to help you on your journey. We believe dedication deserves results, so whether you are a long established business looking for an edge, or a have a new product you want to take to market, we are here to support you.

For us, our ultimate aim is simple – to deliver you bottom line profit and sustainable growth. We treat our clients money like our own, so we must deliver value for money, and won’t stand for a poor return on investment.

We are completely transparent

We speak in a language you will understand. The digital marketing world is littered with acronyms that can often make the landscape seem daunting. Whether you’re looking at a new strategy, or interested in implementing new technology, we’re here to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting and the benefits it will bring.

We track and log all our work, so you know what we’ve done, the results we’ve generated, and what we’re working on for you next. As part of our on-boarding we give you access to the amazing project management software we use so you can log-in at any time and know where your project(s) are at.

When we set-up or manage your accounts (for example Google Ads, Facebook, or Google Analytics) you always retain ownership.

We hope that you never want to stop working with us, but if you do, feel safe in the knowledge you can take your accounts with you.

We are always looking for an edge

We never sit twiddling our thumbs. We constantly optimise every area of your business we are involved with, and we do this using our tried and tested approach.

We love getting our hands on new technology. It’s not practical to pay for every new piece of software that gets released, but if something comes along that we think will be a game changer, we’ll evaluate it and present our recommendations to you to keep you ahead of the competition.

The final thing you should know about us is that we don’t know everything. But, we treat our own company as a client too, allowing us to allocate time to developing our people, our processes and our culture. We want to conquer the world, but want to do it our way.

We are Elliptycs