Turning your data into actionable intelligence is a critical step for enabling performance improvements. By working with you to identify key metrics for your digital marketing strategy, we can help you harness the power of tools such as Google Analytics to make better business decisions and improve your bottom line profit.

Web analytics tools can report on vast amounts of data. Platforms like Google Analytics can track user engagement across your website, and integrate data from 3rd party packages such as call tracking technology.

In order to make the most of this data available you need your account(s) correctly set-up and configured, or you could be presented with inaccurate data.

Health Check

We start by auditing your existing Google Analytics (GA) account.

We find that many analytics accounts aren’t set-up correctly or only have a basic configuration. This can leave gaps in your data collection, or worse provide you with incorrect data.

Our health check also covers Google Tag Manager, which we recommend using to allow an advanced analytics deployment. If you haven’t already got this set-up and configured we can do all of this on your behalf.


Measurement Framework

In addition to the health check we also help you create a digital marketing and measurement model to help align your reporting requirements alongside your business objectives. This also helps define what ‘success’ looks like in terms of your campaign results so we know when it has been achieved, or if it has failed.

If you already have taken the steps to create this framework than we can simply ensure it is up-to-date and captures all the necessary elements.


Enhance Ecommerce

If your business has an online shop, then there are some advanced features that we can help set-up and configure in your Google Analytics account called ‘Enhanced Ecommerce‘.

Essentially this supercharges your account, providing a whole host of additional information around shopping behaviour, such as where customers drop out in the checkout process, and what voucher codes are being used by various segments of users.


Call Tracking & Live Chat

Although not critical, a large percentage of your enquiries could come through phone calls or live chat. Google Analytics has no default way of tracking these, making it hard to understand which campaigns and which channels (e.g. Organic vs Paid) actually produce the best results.

We help integrate these additional data sources into your GA account, so you can track all online and offline interactions in one place.

If you aren’t already using a call tracking or live chat product, but would like to learn more about how they can benefit your business, we can also help recommend relevant products based on your individual business requirements.


Attribution Modelling

Attribution modelling allows us to better understand and improve the performance of your digital marketing campaigns by looking at what channels, campaigns and devices help drive conversions at different stages of the customer journey.

As an example, brand related campaigns often get credited with the best results as they tend to be more utilised by customers at the latter stages of their journey – once they have progressed past the awareness, interest and desire stage. However, what initially may have attracted that customer to your website could have been a product awareness campaign or promotional offer.

Attribution helps provide the whole picture, so we can help ensure that successful campaigns get credited with their contribution.